Environment-friendly Business Solutions

16 Yard Bin Rental

20 Yard Bin Rental

We take everything, additional fees may apply!

Below is a list of items we take for an additional fee

• No Paint, spray paint
• Asbestos: any and all material containing asbestos
• No Chemicals of any form
• No Hazardous Waste, Bio- hazardous or Bio-medical waste as defined by the CCME
• No Propane Tanks
• No Lead Acid Batteries
• Biomedical Waste of any kind
• Liquid Wastes and Sludge’s including Oil and Gas
• Explosive Substances or ammunition
• Chemicals or Other Materials which may create hazardous working conditions
• Inflammable Materials
• Materials hot enough to start combustion
• Automobile Bodies or Boat Hulls
• Waste Oil, Petroleum By-Products or Used Oil Filters
• Barrels, Drums, Pails and other large Liquid Containers, whether full or empty
• Over-sized Articles- any item over a (100kg) or over ( 2 meters )

Please Order Appropriate Bins For:

- Heavy dense material such as Tile, gravel, sand, dirt, fill, concrete, brick or drywall.

Better Recycling

Trust Pink Bins for your recycling needs

Our services are flexible and customizable. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email to discuss how our services can help your business.

Paper & Cardboard 55%
Garbage 70%
Scrap Metal 35%
Clean/DirtyWood 85%